Dave Series Launch

What We Did

We really had to P.I.B.E. on this one.


P.I.B.E. “Play It By Ear.” It’s a thing now.

Because Dave is a thing now. Better known by his stage name, Lil Dicky, the neurotic rapper of YouTube fame now has a hit show on FXX and FX on Hulu.

How We Did It

During the first call with our partners at FX, we all said “dick” more times than we ever thought we would. That was just the beginning of how Dave would change us forever.

We explored show title ideas, pitched a grip of shoot concepts, developed a scrote load of :30s that stretched into :60s that evolved into long form trailers. It wasn’t long until we started having dreams about Dave as we sampled and mixed all his funny bits together. We edited and delivered how many spots? A thousand? Then, we girded our loins for the episodic campaign.


We let our instincts guide us as we P.I.B.E.D. and VIBED our way to the core of what the show offers: humor and heart.


Along the way we got more and more intimate with Dave’s privates, while facing a few key challenges:

How many dick jokes is too many?

Are testicle jokes as funny as dick jokes?

Can we frame out the butt crack on that sex doll?

How do you promote an episode without mentioning anything about the plot? (This request came directly from the Series Creator himself.)

Launching a new series is no easy task.

We kept our cool even when we saw all the cameos pop up in the episodes. Did you catch all of them? Nutty, Young Thug, Gunna, Trippie Red, Tierra Whack, MadeinTYO, Pac-Man Da Gunman, Benny Blanco, Marshmello, and of course, the Biebs. Quite an impressive roster of celebrity pals, Dave!

Ally Butt

Dave rounded out its first season as the most-watched FX Networks comedy series ever.

Take A Pee Break

Season Two is coming up. We’ll let you know when. No pressure, Dave.



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